Oct 16, 2011

warsaw - zofia

zofia, a soon-to-be art historian is ani kuczynskiej's assistant. her superb wool-plisse dress (with barely seen stripes) is a 60's vintage that she found in london. the coat is cute, too:)

powiekszenie club, warsaw, 10.2011

Oct 15, 2011

warsaw - ania kuczynska

she is one of the most acclaimed fashion designer in poland. her clothes are geometrical, elegant, well - thought, luxurious but still discreet. the colours are almost black. the cut and construction are always exquisite. silk is crisp as paper, butterly soft leather, and the finishing is always amazing. she is the only polish designer who sells the clothes in japan.


club powiekszenie, warsaw, 10.2011

warsaw - grzegorz matlag

he is grzegorz matlag, the designer of the highly praised maldoror low couture - www.maldoror.pl label.

i went to a warsaw's club called powiekszenie today, where one could buy some of older designs from few well known polish designers. here grzegorz matlag showed some pieces. i love the asymetric forms; wrinkled, distressed fabrics such as silk, polyester with metallic fibres, wool. in one piece he used silk from a wrap coat that looked familiar like it was from vietnam. lots of hand works and patchworks.

club powiekszenie, warsaw, 10.2011

hanoi - more jeans

thinh, dj: "my jeans are from somewhere".
goethe institute, hanoi, 2011.

hanoi - ripped denim is not ded

that's why replay and levis have huge shops here in town.
nha tho str., hanoi 2011

hanoi - yellow

she is a tv reporter and journalist.
at cathedral area, hanoi, 2011

hanoi - sunshine

the green shift dress is made by her sister, who runs a shop called "ken" in nha chung str.

julia: "i wear a lot of black and always with a bit of punk at heart".
hanoi, 2011

Sep 24, 2011

hanoi - father and daughter

he is an mathematician from holland. he likes clothes to be easy, colourful, that he will buy quick and wear until they are torn apart. he loves tailor made shirts and cufflinks for daywear.

hanoi, 7.2011

Sep 22, 2011

hanoi - kien

he is an art student, works in bui gallery for few months during holiday. he's customized the jeans with lovely stripey wool back pockets.
at bui gallery, hanoi, 7.2011

hanoi - luu tran

she is a fashion columnist for few magazines here in vietnam.
hanoi, nha tho str., 8.2011