Aug 16, 2009

saigon - khoi

I did a photo shoot with khoi for song magazine. (Only) two pictures (above) got published (unfortunately:)
saigon, 2009.


  1. Hi Sorbet

    I like your blog and thought you would be a good fashion resource to ask questions about Vietnamese fashion boutiques.

    Im flying from Melbourne to Saigon & Hanoi next month and have no idea where to go shopping. Im looking for loads of vintage, edgy streetwear, printed tshirts, interesting jewellery and shoes. All the websites keep referring me to bad touristy silk shops and cheesie outdated streetwear. Im looking for the kinds of stuff that the sartorialist takes photo's of men wearing.

    I hope you can help.


  2. Hi James, thx for the comment and I am sorry for late reply.

    I am afraid to say that VN is not a good place for shopping vintage fashion, edgy streetwear... (or edgy anything:) It's rather a good place for cheap fake or hand made clothes and super expensive designer wear.

    And where you can see how people mix everything with everything, regardless of refferences, time or styles. Sometimes it is refreshing.

    In Hanoi, there is a skate shop called Boo ( with some youth oriented printed tshirts of their own design.

    On the Le Duan str. south from the Main Railway Station there are few street shops with military stuffs.

    Lots of shoes shops are located on Cau Go str. near the Hoang Kiem Lake. But pls be aware of fake things.

    I am sorry to dissapoint you. VN streetwear is just starting and lot of stuffs come from China - not the most inspirational source.

    In Saigon there is a shop called Mai Lam in Dong Khoi str. Very expensive and lot of embroideries, might not be your cup od tea though.

    I think on the same street in the opposite side there is Song boutique with quite nice linen, plain stuffs. Expensive as well and lot more interesting women clothes than men.

    Song is in HN, too, almost in front of The Cathedral (very yellow wall you might see on some of my pics:)

    You might have read what refinery said abt Saigon here:

    Lot of second hand shops are located at Ba Chieu bazaar in Saigon. I've never been there, tho.

    I hope that you will enjoy your stay anyway. At least you could have good coffee or icecream at Bo gia or Au parc, good atmostphere at "La Fenetre Soleil" (Saigon). Or you might want to stay ard the Cathedral late afternoon, to see quite many young stylish people in Hanoi.