Apr 11, 2010

hanoi - son

he is a tatoo artist,
hanoi, 4.2010.


  1. I love your blog. It shows that even in Hanoi there are trendy indie kids...

    I am flying over to Hanoi in 2 weeks with my bf. Can you recommend any cool boutiques/vintage stores/jewellery stores/gallerys/bars etc that I should visit.

    I hope you can help.



  2. hi james,

    thx for your kind words.

    you should walk ard the cathedral, the area is packed with diff. kind of shops.

    boo shop in ta hien has some nice streetwear.

    i dont really buy my clothes in hn tho :)

    bui gallery, art vietnam and nha san are the gallerys to visit, but do check hanoigrapevine for info on what is going on.

    hope it helps:)

  3. Hey. I looked at the booshop online and the mens stock looked kinda cartoonish/corny. I was more after stuff around the aesthetic of Ann Demuelemeester, Zambesi, Chronicles of Never, Ksubi etc. Not the same, but similar aesthetic-value. Who are the exciting designers/boutiques of Hanoi/Ho Chi Minh/Vietnam. Im sure there are some cool underground designers there?

  4. i dont think so i'm afraid. (you might only see some stuff with comme des garcons label :)

    the hn fashion shops are packed with very very fast fashion made-in-china.

    the better shops are rather ethnic-eco-neo romantic stuffs for women.

    they are somewhat cool but not necessarily underground.

    sorry to dissapoint.