Aug 2, 2010

hanoi - the davines hair show

*click on the pic for a larger image*

i went to a hair show in hanoi last weekend in giang vo exh. center and took few pictures in the backstage for nguoi dep magazine. the show was kind of a freak show (sorry:). blk feather, fake leather, corset, net leggings, transparency top for boys, lot of zippers, studs and safety pins (kinky sex if you will). you name it, you got it.

the good thing is they really made a good, entertaining show. the venue was huge, the models walked in a long runway like 100 m. from a fashion point of view, it was gross, tho. nothing new, but this is what ppl want to see here. and the light "danced" up and down, it was not so kind for photographers:)

it looked like the models had their own shoes on, wtf.
hanoi, 7.2010

more pics to come, i'm waiting until they get published in the mag:)

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