Sep 2, 2010

hanoi - carlos

he likes to mix ethnic stuffs from sapa.

nha thoi str. in front of moca cafe (under the great old benjamin tree).

hanoi, 2010.


  1. i really like your blog(s). I'm currently studying at Hanoi University (HANU) and while here I'm looking to get in touch with Hanoians who are also into street style fashion, hip hop, and "urban" culture. Do you have facebook?

  2. dear blog owner,

    congratulation on making it into the Word Hanoi.
    Personally, I think you have terrible sense of street fashion and should be ashamed of yourself. But apparently, the people at the magazine love it, so it is good by the normal standard.

    Hope I will see your pictures on the Word Sept.

  3. hi Son Chau, thx for your cmt. i am currently in warsaw, maybe we could meet when i'll be back in hn.

    la, does it really matter when some ppl love it and some don't? thx for cmt anyway.