Jan 20, 2011

comment - men, age, colours

i looked thru tommy ton's street style pictures on style.com and gq.com during milan men fashion week and i was kind of dissapointed. what did i see? socks, shoes, buttons, pocket squares, boutonnieres, tiny somethings worn as boutonnieres, scarfs, all in vivid colours, few fedora hats, few tweeds n checks, and i asked mysefl: is that what the elite of fashion is really wearing? no new fabrics, new shapes and silhouette?

colours and details, come on, isn't it how the italians dress on their regular basic?

then i found sarah mover's article abt aged men always have style (and young men don't) in the telegraph. style here means the above (colours, details and such). then i looked back at pictures from some fashion shows in milan. the "stylish ageing" is nowhere to be found.

thank god!

despite that the milan shows this season are quite boring.

guy trebay from nyt finds these clothes "low key". now you at least have a new meaning. neon orange, yellow, red head to toe is "low key".

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